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Skills Certification Awards on the Rise. Is This a Positive Sign?

Posted By Jeff Moad, January 29, 2015 at 3:58 PM, in Category: Next-Generation Leadership and the Changing Workforce

Are more workers being attracted to expanding career opportunities in manufacturing?

One potential indicator that they are came recently from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) which controls certification programs for industrial workers and employers. The NIMS reported that, in 2014, it awarded a record number of 18,947 credentials to individuals seeking new or more demanding industrial jobs, up 36% from the number that were issued in 2013. That followed a 59% rise in certifications awarded in 2014.

The certifications issued by The NIMS range from entry-level to master-level across a range of metal-forming and machining operations.

“It is clear that the precision manufacturing sector is strong and growing, and more students and workers are preparing for success in the wide variety of jobs our industry offers,” said NIMS Executive Director Jim Wall in a prepared statement.

Are you seeing any other indicators that the flow of skilled workers into manufacturing is increasing? Are the NIMS certification numbers an indicator of that? Are certifications such as those offered by NIMS a useful tool for finding workers who can contribute more quickly?

Written by Jeff Moad

Jeff Moad is Research Director and Executive Editor with the Manufacturing Leadership Community. He also directs the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Program. Follow our LinkedIn Groups: Manufacturing Leadership Council and Manufacturing Leadership Summit


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