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Follow That Tesla! Schiphol’s Airport Cabs Go Green

Posted By Paul Tate, October 27, 2014 at 6:26 AM, in Category: Sustainability

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, one of the busiest international airports in Europe, has just taken delivery of a 167-vehicle fleet of Tesla electric cars in a bid to become the world’s most eco-friendly airport.

The 167 Tesla Model S zero-emission sedans will be operated by local taxi companies BBF and BIOS-groep, and will ferry passengers to and from the airport for the next four years, with an option to extend the service to eight years.

"This represents a crucial step in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and become one of the world's three most sustainable airports," said Schiphol Group CEO Jos Nijhuis.

Last year, the Dutch airport also signed up to buy Europe's largest fleet of electric buses from China-based automaker BYD, to shuttle people between terminals and take passengers out to planes on the tarmac. Schiphol has also installed LED lighting in terminals and car parks, is conducting trials of LED lighting on the apron where aircraft are parked, and uses 100% recycled asphalt on the airport’s roads.

In the UK meanwhile, Tesla recently opened a new supercharger facility at Edinburgh airport, its eighth electric charging station in Britain. The station will allow drivers to half-charge their green vehicles in around 20 minutes and at no cost.

Worldwide, Tesla has a total of 221 supercharger stations so far, mostly in the U.S., but is intent on building a more extensive European network over the next few years. The company says that by the end of 2014, drivers should be able to use its supercharger network to travel from Scotland to the Alps, central Italy or northern Norway for free.

If you had the choice, would you choose a green cab option when you’re on your travels? 

Category: Sustainability
Written by Paul Tate

Paul Tate is Research Director and Executive Editor with Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council. He also directs the Manufacturing Leadership Council's Board of Governors, the Council's annual Critical Issues Agenda, and the Manufacturing Leadership Research Panel. Follow us on Twitter: @MfgExecutive


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