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Identifying a Path to Manufacturing 4.0

The Manufacturing Leadership Council's new Critical Issues agenda identifies a set of business and technology issues and subjects that will enable manufacturers to establish a clear focus and approach to Manufacturing 4.0.
When I think about the journey that manufacturers are undertaking to reach the promised land of Manufacturing 4.0, the old joke about Carnegie Hall often pops up in my mind. Ho… http://www.gjl-events.gilcommunity.com/blog/identifying-path-manufacturing-40/

The Future of Manufacturing in Europe

Seven transformative forces are poised to change the fabric of manufacturing and drive economic prosperity in Europe.
Change is inevitable in manufacturing. The future of manufacturing is often defined by doing more with less, re-ordering the world to create more compact products, and re-aligning… http://www.gjl-events.gilcommunity.com/blog/future-manufacturing-europe/

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